Speed Energy Stadium Super Trucks coming to Texas Motor Speedway

As you know I do motorsports and aviation photography. I’ve followed the off-road racing scene for a long time. I used to love to watch stadium truck racing in the 90’s and now we are seeing a new variation of the old stadium truck racing from the 90’s. Stadium truck racing on pavement with GIANT METAL RAMPS! This is some of the most exciting racing you will ever watch. This June it will come to Texas Motor Speedway. You do not want to miss this racing. Nothing else is as exciting!

More info including where to get tickets here: Speed Energy Stadium Super Truck Racing at TMS

Colorado Adventure 2016 – Travel Day 2 the Arrival

We couldn’t find a porter to carry our luggage to our truck so we decided instead to just use one of the rolling luggage carts from the hall. As we approached the elevator there was an older woman waiting for the elevator. She immediately appeared to be giving us the stink eye. Once inside the elevator she made a comment about the luggage cart, wanting to know where we got it. We said from the hall. She immediately made it known to us that she thought we had “hogged the cart” by stating they had been there a few days and hadn’t been able to find one of the carts the entire time.  I politely informed her that we just got in last night and the cart was in it’s place when we arrived last night. Walking away from the elevator, she said that people like us were assholes for not allowing anyone else to use the carts. I told her that we didn’t have the cart and she really needed to drop the bitch attitude. She gave me the “I can’t believe you said that look” and stormed to her car. I can’t believe a missing luggage cart could possibly spoil the fun and luxury of La Quinta…

Back on the road, we headed north towards Pagosa Springs, Durango and then up 550 to Ouray and finally Ridgway. Pagosa Springs was a beautiful little town, but was definitely alive with tourists like us. From there we headed on to Durango and made a stop at a grocery store there for some last minute supplies. Durango is the last decent sized city before you head into the San Juan Mountains. After our brief stop, we pulled onto Highway 550 – The Million Dollar Highway.


Highway 550 is known as the San Juan Skyway Scenic Bypass and also famously as “The Million Dollar Highway”. It’s said to have gained that name from the last twelve miles into Ouray when a traveler said after arriving that he wouldn’t drive it again for a million dollars! It’s also said that its because when it was constructed in the late 1880s, it cost over one million dollars per mile. I have no idea what the truth is, but i can tell you that for a lot of people, its the latter.  The road goes from simply scenic to a two lane road that can be steep, twisty and narrow enough to make passing trucks or RV’s on curves quite nerve-wracking.  There are often several hundred foot drops and one other thing. There is in most places no shoulder so that it may be open space with a cliff less than 10″  from the outside white line of the road. Oh and there are no guard rails, a fact that the locals are very, very proud to point out.  I’ve driving the road several times, but it still gets to me. We took one of the pullouts about halfway through to let everyone steady their nerves.  Just before Ouray, we pulled over to take a gander at the falls that runs under the highway. A short drive through Ouray we continued on through to Ridgway about ten minutes farther North and our house for the next few days.

13626571_10209990803947160_2119302125471855888_n (1)


The house was nice with a backyard that stretched all the way to the mountains. It didn’t take long to realize that we had neighbors behind us. The field was home to a prairie dog “town”. We unpacked, got settled in and then headed to the True Grit cafe for dinner.  The cafe gets its name from the academy award winning movie of the same name, which was filmed in the area. The food was great, cowboy style dinner.  I had chicken fried steak that was delicious. They even have food for those weirdo vegans.

We then headed back to the house for the night for some stargazing.



Colorado Adventure 2016 – Travel Day 1 Dallas to Santa Fe

Day 1

This year we decided to go back to Colorado for our vacation. We had a great time last year and I guess we REALLY talked it up because this time some of the rest of the family decided to join us.  My wife’s parents, her sister and significant other convoyed along for the trip. The initial plan was to only take two vehicles, our 2014 Grand Cherokee ecodiesel, and one of their Acura MDX’s. I wasn’t sure how that would work as I remember last year how packed my JK was for just the two of us. Granted, I carry a lot of extra stuff like camera gear, drone, tools, etc so maybe it’s possible?

Saturday we took the dogs to be boarded while we were gone. For me this is the worst part of the whole experience.  Not only is it the most expensive part of our vacation, but it also means being in the house for the last day without any of our four dogs around which is just weird, and feels really lonely. Luckily, we had tons of packing to do which somewhat took our mind off our abandoned dogs. The plan was to get it all packed and loaded early enough to get a good nights sleep. Doesn’t that sound smart? Yeah, well about that plan…

So earlier in the week, I took the Grand Cherokee in to have the rock sliders put on it. It should have taken a few hours, but apparently these things are extremely difficult to install and it took the dealership the rest of the week and they still weren’t able to finish. We were basically left with the decision of delaying the trip so that they could be finished or taking the Jeep with them “mostly” installed and functional. So, the other part of the story is that I still needed to put the rear Bushwacker flares on and 6  skid plates. I had planned to have a couple of days after the rock rails were done,  but since the dealership kept the Jeep over those days, I had Saturday to do the rest of the work.  Oh boy.

Luckily my good friend Chris Russell was kind enough to give up a Saturday to help. He actually did most of the work as I was having issues with my spine that made it difficult for me to do a lot of this work. We spent all day on a job that I thought would take but a few minutes. That’s the way it always is (should bolt right up) turned into screams of “WTF???!!!??” It started raining about halfway through the day so some of the day was laying on a wet driveway in the rain working away, BUT we got the job done by about 9pm. So much for getting the Jeep loaded and a good nights sleep!



We got to bed about 4:30am and rose at 8am to get on the road. We knew it was going to suck, but that tends to be the way we do thing at Casa Lionel. We got on the road and headed out, mostly on time.


We stopped in Vernon, Tx for fuel. I checked our Jeep and we still had over 3/4 of a tank but I topped it off with diesel.  A couple of hours later we stopped for lunch in Amarillo at a truck stop at one of those “Trucker malls”.  We headed back out, past Cadillac Ranch, thinking briefly of stopping but remembering how hot it was outside. A bit later we took a slight exit to drive past the old ghost town of Glen Rio. It used to be a great place to stop and take some photos in the ruins of the old Post Office, Diner or Motel, but now although it eerily is still abandoned looking, it has residents. Visions of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre nudge us back on the road and on towards our stop for the day, Santa Fe.

We arrive at Santa Fe just before sunset. Our place of rest the lovely La Quinta Santa Fe West. We do not have the best of luck with hotels. We are beat though and the room is nice enough and were it not, I’d likely sleep the same. If you are tired enough, any place to crash will work right? You would think so but we later find that isn’t always the case.


Beginning an Adventure

Photography has in the past been a part-time thing for me. A hobby that I tried to make self-sustaining.  As someone once told me though, it’s hard to take a shower with only one leg in the water.  Prior to this I worked in a cubicle, bathed with fluorescent light. A job that I once loved, slowly suffocated through a corporations greed and stupidity with no loyalty to anyone save it’s shareholders. The day I was laid off was the happiest day I have had in about seven years.  Since “The Day” about a month ago, I’ve been exploring my options and feeling things out. I am ready for adventure.

My adventure will start, oddly enough, on my birthday this year.  We will be packing up and heading West to Ouray, Colorado for the 2015 Ouray Jeep Jamboree.  It’s been almost 15 years since the last time I was here. Back then I was just starting digital photography and was using a Sony FD-91 digital camera. I believe it was a whopping 1.8MP and the FD stood for Floppy Disk. This was it:

Sony FD-91 floppy disk camera.

It was freaking amazing at the time and it got me back into photography. Looking at it now, I half imagine something from the Flinstones with a little bird carving into stone with it’s beak as you snap the shutter. It was a fun camera at the time, but it was not even capable of making images that were at all print-worthy.

We will have two days exploring the San Juan mountain passes on the Jeep Jamboree and then a few days to do some exploring with friends and ourselves.  This trip will be a little bit about Jeeping and a lot about photography. I just ordered the Rokinon 14F2.8 and also have a great new travel tripod, fresh from 3 Legged Thing – the EVO 3 Brian with a Punkz ballhead.  I’ve read a lot of great reviews about the Rokinon and for such an incredibly cheap lens, it is supposed to be superb.  We shall see. Look forward to more posts throughout our adventure. When I get back, the REAL adventure starts – my pro career!

Until then, here are some shots from my last trip with the old floppy disk Sony Camera.

topworld2 txwjengineer octxwjfalls profile oldmine3 meengineer





Dirt Riot – Hidden Falls Adventure Park – May 30, 2015

We headed out around 3AM Saturday morning. After a week of heavy storms and flooding here in Dallas, i was looking forward to getting away and inhaling some race dust. I woke to an alarm two hours after I had set it.  I gathered my gear and loaded the Jeep. A last minute check of the weather, showed that the route we’d chosen – down Highway 281, would take us right into an extremely long, squall line. We decided to take I-35 down in the hopes that it would keep us in front of the storms. Since I left before Al, I decided to stop and grab some food and drinks and give Al time to catch up. As I pulled out of the QuickTrip I saw a text from Al that he’d passed Spring Valley 2  minutes before. I was now behind him and pulled out onto 75 to catch up. I figured I’d catch him on I-35 and exited onto Woodall Rogers to merge onto 35. The recent flooding had other plans. I quickly found that all of the entrances to I35 South were closed. Every option I tried, resulted in me turning around at barricades. After a half hour, I decided to just go back onto Woodall Rogers and take 45 to 20 then to 35. That worked but left me over a half hour behind Al. All the way to Waco, I watched constant lightning creep closer on the western side. I caught up with Al outside of Waco at a fuel stop. As we got ready to leave, the sky looked like Armageddon.  Aside from some brief rain, we escaped the weather and made it to Hidden Falls Adventure park around 8:45am.

Stormy Skies outside Waco
Stormy Skies outside Waco


Nice Weather on the way home:

shot with my Sony A6000 while driving home tonight doing 70-75 u

I should have the shots up shortly. Here are a few:

Finished shots will be uploaded to:




Still playing

I’m still going through shots from the weekend before last. I find that I do that alot. After I’ve done my initial post processing, I’ll revisit shots and find shots that I’d bypassed before and suddenly they fire off inspiration of a way to process them that makes an otherwise dull shot, take on new life. More and more I find that the camera work is just a small part of the process for me. Obviously, that part has to give you something to go on, but it’s sometimes surprising how a shot that you would not give a second look to before suddenly catches your eye.