Dirt Riot – Hidden Falls Adventure Park – May 30, 2015

We headed out around 3AM Saturday morning. After a week of heavy storms and flooding here in Dallas, i was looking forward to getting away and inhaling some race dust. I woke to an alarm two hours after I had set it.  I gathered my gear and loaded the Jeep. A last minute check of the weather, showed that the route we’d chosen – down Highway 281, would take us right into an extremely long, squall line. We decided to take I-35 down in the hopes that it would keep us in front of the storms. Since I left before Al, I decided to stop and grab some food and drinks and give Al time to catch up. As I pulled out of the QuickTrip I saw a text from Al that he’d passed Spring Valley 2  minutes before. I was now behind him and pulled out onto 75 to catch up. I figured I’d catch him on I-35 and exited onto Woodall Rogers to merge onto 35. The recent flooding had other plans. I quickly found that all of the entrances to I35 South were closed. Every option I tried, resulted in me turning around at barricades. After a half hour, I decided to just go back onto Woodall Rogers and take 45 to 20 then to 35. That worked but left me over a half hour behind Al. All the way to Waco, I watched constant lightning creep closer on the western side. I caught up with Al outside of Waco at a fuel stop. As we got ready to leave, the sky looked like Armageddon.  Aside from some brief rain, we escaped the weather and made it to Hidden Falls Adventure park around 8:45am.

Stormy Skies outside Waco
Stormy Skies outside Waco


Nice Weather on the way home:

shot with my Sony A6000 while driving home tonight doing 70-75 u

I should have the shots up shortly. Here are a few:

Finished shots will be uploaded to: